Here are some of the features articles, editorials, and other media coverage that has appeared about The Oldest Game so far!

Sex game makes sex trade real,” by Jen Zoratti. The Winnipeg Free Press, December 10th 2014.

‘Oldest Game’ aims to bring impact of new sex work laws to life,” by Emma Woolley. The Globe & Mail, January 5th 2015.

A Feminist Video Game Anita Sarkeesian Would Hate?” by Elizabeth Nolan Brown., January 8th 2015.

It’s the capitalist patriarchy, stupid: Academics create video game normalizing prostitution; lets patriarchy, johns, and capitalism off the hook,” by Meghan Murphy. Feminist Current, January 9th 2015.

A Game of Life With Crooked Rules,” by Verity Stevenson. The Link, January 15th 2015.

Finally, A Game That Treats Sex Workers Like People,” by Jess Joho. Kill Screen, January 20th 2015.

The Oldest Game, A Game About Sex Workers,” by Han Cilliers. Gamezone, January 21st 2015.

The Oldest Game Seeks to Expose the Realities Behind the Lives of Sex Workers,” by Zhiqing Wan. Twinfinite, January 21st 2015.

The Oldest Profession is now The Oldest Game,” by Kate Richards. Comics Gaming Magazine, January 27th 2015