Interview update

The Oldest Game team has been busy conducting interviews for a vital aspect of the game: including the voices of those with lived experience as sex workers.

The people we have spoken to so far have been incredibly generous with their time and insights, sharing with us their experiences of doing sex work in Canada. Many of the themes we identified in our research have come up during these interviews, but these conversations provide even more complexity. We have heard from sex workers first-hand about the misconceptions around violence in sex work, as well as the huge impact stigma has on their lives. Further, we have seen the incredible diversity of sex workers, their backgrounds, and their lives.

After we finish our interviews, we will be integrating the insights of these sex workers into the game as new scenarios, as well as audio and textual samples. As this is a newsgame, (a serious game about a news issue) we are experimenting with how we can include quotes from stakeholders in this format. We are hoping that the audio and textual excerpts from these interviews will function as a textual quote in an article, or an interview on televised news does, providing a perspective from those involved in the issue. For TOG, this is an important aspect of our foray into this medium, and is invaluable in providing direct, lived experiences from real people who are living the lives we are attempting to represent.

We are so grateful to the people who have participated so far. We know that sex workers are often over-researched and that their lives are the subject of much analysis. We hope that we can use these interviews as a way of amplifying the voices of sex workers, and their honest and complex world-views. These perspectives, above all, are the ones that we need to hear in response to policies such as Bill C-36 and SESTA/FOSTA. We aim to give accurate representation towards these voices in our game in return.