Almost Finished!

Big news: we’re nearing the end of production of The Oldest Game

It has been almost six years since this project started, but now the game is almost finished and we’re excited to let you know what we have been working on.

First, we finished conducting our interviews. The responses we received were so incredible, detailed, and informative that we decided it would be a shame to only use them for the finale of the game. Instead, we agreed to include short audio clips throughout the game as well, not only to provide more experiences directly fromsex workers, but to also offer a wider range of perspectives. The Oldest Game is randomized, so no playthrough feels exactly the same and many different aspects of sex work can be shown. But there are still a lot of perspectives missing from the game, as we focus mainly on three types of sex work. By including segments of the audio interviews throughout the gameplay, we hope that the game can offer a more diverse representation of sex work.

Besides this main decision, we have mostly just been working hard to put all the pieces of the game together and test for bugs. We hope to conduct a final round of playtesting with sex workers before we release the game. 

Stay tuned!