Prototyping Session

We were very fortunate to have accomplished game designers and scholars Rilla Khaled and Pippin Barr lead us in a prototyping session for our game. We used the board game Monopoly to help visualize and think through how our game could work. This helped us understand what parts of our game would be predetermined, and other elements that would be left to chance. This was highlighted by the player having to roll the dice, showing how certain aspects of a player’s experience are outside their control.

During this session, Rilla and Pippin encouraged us to focus on one choice that our player would have agency over.  We decided to focus on the fact that sex workers have the right to refuse or accept a client. While this choice can be influenced by a variety of factors, we honed in on two critical issues: the conditions under which the exchange will take place (location, act, money), and the ability of the sex worker to properly assess the client. We mapped out a few different game scenarios that revolved around this key decision for our sex worker character. The roll of the dice determined whether our character had met a low-paying client or a high-paying client, and the sex worker could respond by either refusing the job, accepting the job, or trying to negotiate.