Game Design


In this section, we’ve included some ethical, theoretical, practical and contextual questions we feel we may need to address.  Some of the questions have specific answers, while others are open-ended. QUESTIONS OF REPRESENTATION/SPECIFIC TO THIS GAME: 1. How can we normalize sex work while conveying the dangers associated with it? Finding a balance between representing …

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ConStellation’s “Working Conditions Special” – a resource for scenario building

Stella is an invaluable resource to sex workers in Montreal.  This organization provides a variety of services to sex workers, and is also very involved in public education campaigns and advocacy.  Stella publishes ConStellation twice a year, a magazine created by and made for sex workers. Recently, we were recommended their “Working Condition Special” of …

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Exploring sound

Sex workers, like any other kind of group of professionals, are a diverse and dynamic group. As we have previously discussed in this blog, different media forms, from newspapers to video games, often depict sex workers as homogeneous. Furthermore, these representations are usually negative, associating prostitutes with social ills and perpetuating stereotypes of sex workers …

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